Episode 65

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Hello everyone!!!  Another episode here…it’s a long one and it includes a bunch of things off my dish, some new projects on my dish, a small give away opportunity, pin loom class recap, Let’s go Retro! and a quick puppet at the end.  I had hoped to get it up before the holiday weekend, but alas, I recorded on a different computer and then didn’t have a flash drive with enough space on it to transfer the file!  Thankfully, Dana to the rescue today and here we are!!!  The good news about that is that I actually DID get show notes done….didn’t think it was going to happen 🙂 Enjoy!!!

**small warning**  My apologies  –  the sound quality on this one is not fantastic and there are a couple of places that my laughter and excitement get quite loud….please be aware of this especially if you are using headphones or ear buds!  sorry!!!


Off my dish

Valor Cowl by Bronwyn the Brave Designs, Cascade 220 in various colors

One Row Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Church Mouse Shoulder Cozy, Rowan Cocoon & Rowan Kid Silk Haze

Perfect Retreat Shawl by Susan B. Anderson, Dream Smooshy

Ishneich by Lucy Hague, The Woolen Rabbit Opal yarn

State O’ Maine Hat by Linda Whiting of Pinestar Studio

On my dish

Devon by Norah Gaughn, Berroco Peruvia Quick

Rose of Sharon Socks, Knit Picks, Hawthorne – Turkish Delight

Afterthought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman, , Night Owl Fibers

Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska, Cashmere Co-op Snow Fox & Cashmere


Other topics

Pin Looms – The loom I used is a Schacht Zoom Loom.  Other looms recommended by my instructor were made by Hazel Rose Looms

Knockturnal Knitter aka Gail aka Cottontail (on ravelry) makes fantastic embroidered badges!!!




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