Episode 56 CATastrophe

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Hot and Humid!!! YUCK!  I hope you all are staying cool and your knitting mojo hasn’t melted away like mine has!

This week’s episode includes: What’s off my dish, On my dish, spinning, a special Cat Let’s go Retro! and events.  Enjoy 🙂

Off my dish

Starpainter Shawl by Susan Elizabeth, Morning Bright Yarns Organic Merino Sock – Starry and Night

Paddington’s Garden by Janina Kallio, The Woolen Rabbit Kashmir – Willow

On my dish

Cave Point by Paula Emons-Feussle, Quince and Co. Chickadee – Damson

Wild Goose Shawlette by Paula Emons-Feussle, Another Crafty Girl – New Friends and Happy Tears


Fiber Revival

Maine Mitten Project

Podcasts I mentioned

Knitting Pipeline

Twinset Designs


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