Episode 55 A weekend of classes

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Hellooooo everyone!  Summer is here!!!  90 degrees and humid today….going to be worse tomorrow 😦 Not exactly knitting weather, however continue to knit I shall!

This week’s episode is all about my weekend of Pleasant Mountain Fiber Arts Workshops.  I attended five classes:

Mosaic Knitting with Donna Kay

Double Knitting….aka Hell… with Donna Kay

Felted dryer balls with Kendra Rafford

Steeks with Donna Kay (see a pattern developing here?)

Toe up socks with (you guessed it) Donna Kay

I hope you enjoy hearing about the classes and seeing the projects I made.

Other things I mentioned:

Thistle Socks and Teagan’s Socks by Cottontail Creations (aka Gail our Knitting Dish moderator!!!)

Cave Point by Paula Emons-Feussle



  1. Sue

    Hi Mary:
    Check out the Sockmatician podcast. He will show you more double knitting.


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