Episode 44 Fiber, Fun and Finished Objects (formerly You Choose the Title)

Okay folks, I could not come up with a fun title name so you get to choose! Submit your suggestions to me via Ravelry, email or messaging here on the blog. I will review the suggestions and pick my favorite! Will there be a prize? Well heck yeah! The winning suggestion will become the official title of this episode and the winner will receive a small “trick or treat” prize from me! You have until October 24, 2014 to submit your ideas!!!

To view episode 44 of Knitting Dish via Podbean, click here.
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This week’s episode includes: Maine activities, Off my dish, On my dish, KAL re-cap, Re-stocking the fiber pantry, and spinning. Enjoy!

Off my dish
I show a couple of Pomp a Doodle scarves and another Keppi Hat I’ve knit up for my upcoming church fair. Also, I have finished 7 hexi-puffs for my Bee Keeper’s Quilt (by Tiny Owl Knits)

Stream Bed Lace Shoulder Stole by Janice Hamby

Athos by Caoua Coffee – one sock done with yarn from Never Enough Thyme Yarns I have finished ONE sock 🙂

On my dish
Vedbaek by Karie Westerman

Maine Woods and Rivers Mitts by Pat Higgins
** I am using a new “No Float” technique I learned from Gail of Knocturnal Knitter I did a google search for “no float fair isle knitting” and several links appeared. If you find a good link, please share with the rest of us!!! 🙂 Thank you!!!

Re-Stocking the Pantry
Never Enough Thyme Yarns SW Merino/nylon/stellina – Fizzle Pop fiber
Project bag from Caithness Craft Collective – Tartan Drummond Be sure to check out Louise’s Etsy shop AND her podcast!!!



  1. Lisa

    ProjectPalooza or

    I lied or did I!

  2. Linda

    Here’s my title suggestion: Mary’s Mittens
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

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