Episode 11 Yakety Yak

To listen to episode 11 of Knitting Dish, click here.

Many thanks to all for their well wishes and concern for my unexpected break last week. Your kindness means the world to me. This week I give a quick wrap up of my last two weeks of hardly knitting and talk about Yak fiber. Fall is finally starting to show itself and I enjoyed baking an apple pie this morning! 🙂 I’ve started thinking about Christmas Knitting, have you? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Off My Dish
Coco the Canister Monster by Rebecca Danger found in the Big Book of Knitted Monsters, made from scrap yarn with no label picked out by my youngest daughter, knit on size US3 needles

On My Dish
Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood, handspun yarn from Potluck Roving, Steel, knit on US7

See previous episode notes for other WIP information.

On the table (upcoming projects)
Easy Mittens by Sue Dial, handspun yarn from Potluck Roving, Mud Puddle colorway

The Woolen Rabbit, 50/50 Yak/Silk, spinning on my new Golding Spindle 1.4 ounce Solid Bird’s Eye Maple

Coopworth, mostly brown 4 – 1.4 ounce bumps, spinning on my Kiwi 2; almost done with one bobbin

Finally, I showed my Cactus Flower shawl by Romi Hill, I made mine using The Woolen Rabbit, Lucent, pussy-willow and tea leaves

I also talked about the possibility of casting on for other Christmas gifts. Perhaps the Seamless Solomas Slippers. Check them out!



  1. Hi,
    Just found your podcast 🙂 Would love to see it directly on YouTube so I an see it on my tv instead of the computer. Do you have the name of your public YouTube channel, so I can add you to my subscriptions?

    • Hello and thank you for watching the show! Alas, this ITunes/YouTube thing has eluded me! I promise that I am working on it and will hopefully have some positive results soon. Until then, thank you so much for checking in and watching and mostly for letting me know what you’re looking for 🙂 I aim to please!

  2. Hi, I just found your podcast and would like to see more 🙂 Do you have a public YouTube account so I can add your to my subscriptions? I would like to see your video on my tv rather on my computer. Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi! I came here to lurk on your blog and podcast in the hopes of getting to know you before the Knitting Pipeline Retreat. I love your upbeat energy!
    I made a Guernsey Wrap this summer and it was a slog until I used the GoodReader app. I was making errors before that because I could never read which row I was on. It turned out great and I look forward to wearing it soon. As for blocking, I used wires and what I did was I treated the wire like a knitting needle and I picked up edge stitches, probably every 5 stitches, maybe more. It did make blocking such a huge piece much more manageable. Good luck, Erin. http://knittinginbeantown.blogspot.com

    • Hello! I’m so glad your lurking turned into joining in! (I am a prolific lurker myself) 😉

      I am thrilled with how my Guernsey wrap came out. I used the blocking wires just like you said! I stretched and pinned until it met the measurements stated in the pattern. Perhaps I stretched too much because some of the edge stitches “bump out” a little bit….perhaps they will relax.

      Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

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