Episode 10 Magic Spinning Wheel Repair

You can watch episode 10 of Knitting Dish here.

I am back from a fun and wonderful week in Maine! We all had a great time swimming, hiking (check out this link to see an awesome natural playscape), and eating lobstah! (lobster for those of you not from these parts) Today’s episode includes the announcement of the Mitten KAL winner and a new segment for the podcast I call “distractions”. Enjoy!

Mitten KAL
I made 7 sets of mittens for the Maine Mitten Project. Last week I dropped them off at Close Knit Sisters in North Conway, NH. In addition to my mittens, I also dropped off two other bags full of hats, scarves and cowls made by women at my church and another pair of mittens made by a friend.

I am pleased to announce the winner of the Knitting Dish Mitten KAL is Jwill! Both Jwill and rlene posted finished photos of their mittens they have made for a charity of their choosing. Nicely done!

Off my knitting dish
Curious Collective Shawl by Helen Stewart, Knit Picks Palette, Ice Lily and Comfrey, US size 6

On my knitting dish
Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood, my own handspun with Potluck Roving from Paradise Fibers, steel, US size 7
6 stitch patterned socks from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, The Woolen Rabbit Harmony, beach sand, US size 1
Seedling Dreams by Amy Beth Mays, Peace Fleece

8 ounces of Potluck Roving from Paradise Fibers in the Midnight Mulberry colorway
Four 1.4 ounces balls of Coopworth, brown with some blue/purple, purchased from Down Home and Company, Fryeburg, ME

Liberty Puzzles



  1. LaShanna

    Love the cat toy issue!! Sounds like something that happened around here one day. I was trying to spin and my treadle wouldn’t move…take the treadle off the thing so I can raise it up and my 3 year old son had put Legos under it.

    • Ha ha ha! Nice to know Im not alone! 🙂

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