Episode 2 Fireflies on the 4th of July

To watch episode 2 of Knitting Dish podcast, click here.

I had a wonderful vacation week in Maine with my family. It started out rainy and then by Wednesday it was sunny, hot and humid. I spent most of my time in the lake! When I wasn’t in the water, I was knitting. I know, I know, heat and wool don’t mix but I’m weird like that. Kind of like how I always drink hot coffee even when it’s 90 degrees out. We didn’t go out to see any fireworks on the 4th. Usually someone on the lake has enough to keep us entertained, but no luck this year. At around 9:30 at night, my husband was fishing off the dock and commented on all the fireflies. My youngest piped up that she had never seen a firefly before. (she has, she apparently just didn’t remember it) Within a few minutes, me, my husband and our 3 girls piled into the car and drove up the dirt road to a field. We parked the car, turned of all the lights and witnessed an extraordinary site! Our own personal Firefly Fireworks display! The smile on my little one’s face was priceless! Truly a night to remember 🙂

A week of vacation with no TV and no computer access = A LOT of knitting!

Grandma’s favorite dishcloth, Sugar and Cream

Austrian Twisted Stitch Hat by Donna Kay, Patons Worsted Wool

Zig Zag Twined Knit Mittens by Donna Kay

Honeybee Cardigan
by Laura Chau, Knit Picks Gloss, Winter Night

Diamond Headband from Never Knit Your Man a Sweater* by Judith Durant, made from leftover yarn from the zig zag mittens

Waffle Mittens by Cheryl Murray, Lionbrand Woolana, purple heather

Lullaby Rain by Paula Emmons Feussle, Quince and Co. Chickadee, Chantrelle

Seedling Dreams
by Amy Beth Mays, Peace Fleece

8 ounces of Potluck Roving, multicolored steel

I would like to initiate a Maine Mitten Project Knit A Long (KAL) Knit a pair of mittens and post them in the Mitten KAL thread. Mittens are a great summer project!

From my herb garden
Basil – Ocimum basilicum, belonging to the Lamiaceae (mint) family. When you hear “basil” most people think Pesto. Not me. I think Panzanella! It is my favorite summer time meal. I found the recipe for it in a Rachael Ray cookbook. You can find the recipe here: Panzanella recipe. There are many variations out there…explore and create! You’ll be happy you did!



  1. Love your podcast.. Love your excitement..
    perhaps you can do a mitten HOW too , step by step video 🙂
    I have knit mittens a couple times. but always willing to learn more ..

    • It’s hard not to be excited about mittens! 🙂 I think an episode devoted to mittens may be in my future and linking in a “how to” is a great idea! Thanks so much for the input. I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

      • Sounds perfect 🙂 it’s a super hot & humid day here in Iowa… so after we drive 2 hours to pick up our grandson , YEA !! I will stay inside & knit the heels on my youngest dds socks.. I love the Sweet Tomato heel .. easy & produces a neat finish..
        have a great day ..

      • It has been super hot and humid here all week! Yesterday it hit 102 degrees! Needless to say, I was happy I had to work the past 2 days so I could enjoy the AC 🙂 I am a relatively new sock knitter but that sweet tomato heel does look like a fun one….I will have to find a pattern and add it to my list. Happy knitting!

      • At least with the Heat we can stay in and knit 🙂 I finished the sweet tomato heels yesterday.. I still can’t get Both sides of the heel to be as smooth as I’d like tho..
        cat bordi is just SO talented .. her youtube video is so easy to follow..
        I have plenty of spinning to do , so need to get to that so I can use the yarn ! 🙂
        I am a fairly new spinner too..

  2. Barbara

    Hi, Mary,
    I may be a little late to the party here (I just discovered your vidcast, thanks to Paula E-F), but I wanted to comment on your lost thread on your bobbin of handspun. This has happened to me too, and I’ve found that you can often retrieve that end by using some sticky tape (Scotch tape, masking tape, whatever you have available) and dabbing at the bobbin with it. It’ll often pick up the yarn once you hit the right spot.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Thanks so much for the tip! I have been lucky enough that I have not needed to experience with the new suggestions, but I sure am glad to have them!

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